Social Media and C-suite Executives

Believe it behavior on social media tells a lot about a person, his social and personal attributes. So on social media, it is very important that a balance is stricken between tech-savvy and career. Though the initial days of social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, saw the presence of technical buffs, the past few years have witnessed the entry of many C-suite executives in the league. These C-suite executives can gain a lot from the social media provided that they use it in a very proper manner.  To gain the desired effect of the social media the c-level executives must follow certain strategies, they will be beneficial for their image. The relation between Social Media and C-suite executives of the organizations must strengthen for the following reasons.

An unavoidable tool of networking – According to Colin Moor, an Essex partner, the predominance of the social media has increased in quite a few years and it has turned out to be the source of information for global community on all topics from crime to new products. He further adds that it is quite difficult to avoid social media, so it is better to embrace the trend. The social media not only act as a personal representative but also represent the company; the C-level executives belong to.

A link with the sharks of the industry – Social media is a platform which nests the profiles of most of the significant people in the industries. So for the C-suite executives, it acts as a platform to develop connections. For example, on LinkedIn, there is an opportunity to connect the big shots of any concerned industry on a professional level. Many C-level executives have attributed a large portion of their success stories on the connections made through social media. Sites like LinkedIn or Google plus primarily acted as the carrot for jib and career perspective but it has grown well beyond that and has taken the shape of business and networking tool.

Reasons for presence in social media – A CEO or any other C-Suite executive needs to be social might be to

  • Create a strong presence- Since they are the leaders their presence is very important, as it is directly proportional to the image of the organization. The world gets to know the organization through the eyes of its organizers.
  • Quality Networking- Through social media, these executives of the company’s get to know the social side of the investors, helpful aid in planning business strategies.
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