The need of Social Media Literacy for the C-Suite executives

Going digital is the new trend of business; the present market scenario proves it so. The results are evident with the blockbuster theatres losing their game to Netflix, while the Barnes and Noble crushed down by Kindle Amazon and the famous retail sale of black Fridays surrendering to Cyber Monday sales. The past few years have witnessed the sudden ebb and flow of digitalization in media and technology each day.

The concept of Social media literacy – Social Media Literacy is altogether a different form of literacy with its areas expanding the understanding of social media both on a digital and professional level. If you consider social media literacy as an expertise, it can be divided into two parts; one is on a personal level and the other is organizational level. On personal level social media literacy refers to the digital personality who held out a conversation on relevant issues and connects with peers.  While on an organizational level it denotes using the social media for the value addition of the organization.

Strengthens your organization – If you can appreciate the power of the social media, you will soon realize that it can help boundless to your organization. Being an executive of C level your organization can find a voice through you. You can utilize your profiles of social media to promote your organization. With popularity on the social media, your investors and customers will build up trust on you, pushing the limitless profit for your company.

Ideas to influence the industry – As I have said earlier that social media literacy can contribute both on the professional and organizational level, as making it a platform you can express your new found ideas and influence the thought process of the industry. Once you do this then you will have your social media followers, seeking your insight into the issues related to your genre of business.

An aid of brand building – Once you start influencing the thought process of the industry and with people following your ideas, the ball gets to your court. You can now divert the attention of the mass to your organization and boost up the growth factor of your organization. With digitalization being in trend, it is an imperative task for the executive to add to their social media literacy. This while, on one hand, will polish your professional skills; your organization will also grow with you. After all, being a C-suite executive the responsibility of providing leverage to your brand rests on you.

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